• Challenging myths and misinformation about the Atlantic Canada salmon farming industry

    We are Atlantic Canadians committed to providing accurate information about the east coast aquaculture industry.

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  • Strengthening Coastal Communities

    Salmon farming has successfully co-existed with a thriving wild fishery and a vibrant tourism industry for over 30 years in Atlantic Canada.

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  • Investing in Technology and Research

    Salmon farmers work with top scientists and invest millions of dollars in new research and technology to continue to improve and develop their industry.

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  • Filling a Global Need for Healthy Food

    Global population is expected to increase by two billion in less than 20 years, and it is estimated people will eat 70 per cent more seafood.

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  • Creating Thousands of Jobs in Atlantic Canada

    Salmon farming has created over 3,300 jobs in Atlantic Canada.

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    Committed to sustainability

    Salmon farmers are local people who are committed to protecting the ocean and developing a sustainable industry.

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